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About Us

Expert Auto Claims (EAC) has been a leader in rapid on-site appraisal services, specializing in the vehicle dealer market for 15 years. When vehicle inventory is damaged, we are on the site, appraising inventory, in as little as 48 hours. We have field teams consisting of year-round field staff, backed by our corporate home office support staff. EAC has handled appraisals for over 50,000 vehicles over the years totaling ten of millions of dollars in claims, from coast to coast, for every major insurance carrier and every vehicle manufacturer.

Our typical engagement starts with a phone call from an auto dealer who’s lot inventory has been hit with a hail storm. The dealer is looking for a quick and flawless report consisting of an appraisal for every vehicle on the lot. This is sent to the insurance company and a check is cut to the dealer so the inventory can be repaired as soon as possible.

As a result of our effective processes, solid reputation and staff, we have expanded to address a variety of damage types all over the United States, including hail, wind, flood and fire.

Our corporate tenents are Accuracy, Speed and Personal Customer Service

ACCURACY – Our appraising services are driven by highly trained and experienced staff using Internet connected tablets. Our field proven “EAC 7-Step” inspection process we use helps to identify damage more accurately through the use of current lighting tools, and our own visual inspection procedures. In addition, our proprietary software used to collect the data enforces a systematic and methodical collection of damage data points for every single vehicle.

SPEED – By electronically loading the vehicle inventory VINs and other identification information, our software has a live-tracking ability to know which vehicles have been assessed and which ones have not. This allows us to provide forecast estimates (like average damage per vehicle, and total claim value) to the vehicle dealers and insurance companies well before the completion of the appraisal job. By only using electronic forms in our proprietary software, the data, per vehicle, is instantly in the database and available to all stake holders.

CUSTOMER SERVICE – Our “EAC Job Start” process has proven, through customer feedback, that we understand the stress and financial trouble created for all parties involved when weather hits a facility’s inventory. Each field job is assigned a case manager in the EAC corporate office, who teams with the EAC field manager who is on-site with the damaged inventory within 48 hours. The uniformed and professional field team assigned to each incident varies depending on how many vehicle lots are affected, typically between two and ten field staff. Our mid-west work ethic roots shine through on everything we do.