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Has one of your insured automotive dealer clients been hit with a weather incident resulting in loss of business until a rapid appraisal of the lot inventory is completed? Call us right now. This is what we do, full-time, year-round.

We know the reports you need to adjust the claim. We understand how fast you want them. Our proprietary field software, procedures and staff are in place to get you what you need .

Expert Auto Claims (EAC) has been a leader in rapid on-site appraisal services, specializing in the vehicle dealer market for 15 years. We are the number one respected company in this field. We work with every major insurance company, TPA, car manufacturer and dealership type in the country. EAC has appraised over 100,000 vehicles affected by hail, wind, flood and fire.

We take pride in being accurate, fast and offering great customer service. We have a home office, multiple field teams and do vehicle lot inventory damage appraisals year-round.


  • Open Lot Insurers, Adjusters and Claims Processors often start with inaccurate loss value data resulting in inefficient and inaccurate claim settlements.
  • Inaccurate settlements due to improper appraising services may result in overpayments and long delays in claim closure.
  • Expert Auto Claim’s proprietary estimating system results in inspections that reduce inaccurate and inefficient claims data.
  • Fully automated, near real time, accurate appraisal processing
  • Calculations for damage restoration based on state-of-the-art restoration technology
  • Hail adjustments based on PDR when appropriate
  • PDR estimates guaranteed at appraised value or EAC will coordinate vendors to restore damage in accordance with guaranteed amount
  • User friendly spread sheet format reporting
  • Settlement data provided fast and accurately
  • Cost of appraisal services are less expensive
  • Eliminate the need for costly reappraisals
  • Claims are closed faster with fewer supplements


  • Dealership inventory damaged by wind, flood, hail, vandalism, theft
  • Fleets damaged by wind, flood or hail
  • Reappraisal services made available upon request
  • Consulting services available for disputed claims
  • Coordination of restoration process available upon request

Benefits to Insured

  • Minimal disruption of business, fastest appraisal services available
  • Fast, accurate damage evaluations allows for immediate path for pre loss options
  • Real time calculations allows for expedited claim management
  • Our expertise offers assurances the “crisis” is being professionally managed
  • Data, format provides reports for part procurement, management & sales
  • Digital photos upon request
  • Detailed appraisals outline proper vehicle ID, thorough review of damage, fraud or prior damage
  • Appraisals are accompanied by event summary
  • Each vehicle is inspected vs. group sampling appraisal
  • Vehicle age, mileage and condition taken into consideration on wind damage claims