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Vehicle Dealers

Do you have damage on your lot from a recent weather incident? Tens, or hundreds of vehicles damaged and unsaleable until the insurance check arrives? The clock is ticking. Contact us right now. We can have staff running appraisals within 48 hours.

Expert Auto Claims (EAC) has been a leader in rapid on-site appraisal services, specializing in the vehicle dealer market for 15 years. EAC is the number one respected company in this field. Our proprietary software and experienced appraisers ensure your loss will be handled swiftly and accurately. EAC has worked with worked with every major insurance company and car manufacturer and dealership type in the country. We have appraised over 50,000 vehicles affected by weather.

Your claim starts with a call from your store who’s inventory of fifty or five thousand units has been hit with a hail storm. We provide a quick and flawless report consisting of an appraisal for every vehicle on the lot. EAC understands you are looking for a quick and accurate report. Our reports are sent to your insurance company and your check is cut so your inventory can be repaired as soon as possible.

We take pride in being accurate, fast and offering great customer service. We have a home office, multiple field teams and do vehicle lot inventory damage appraisals year-round.

We also provide inventory audits for your insurance carrier.

Why EAC stands out among appraisal companies

  • Open Lot Insurers, Adjusters and Claims Processers often start with inaccurate loss value data resulting in inefficient and inaccurate claim settlements.
  • Inaccurate settlements due to improper appraising services may result in long delays in claim closure.
  • Expert Auto Claim’s proprietary estimating system results in inspections that reduce inaccurate and inefficient claims data.
  • Expert Auto Claims works with the largest automotive groups in the country. References will be provided upon request.
  • Expert Auto Claims is the industry leader in dealer open lot appraisals for automotive, wind, hail, flood and fire.
  • Expert Auto Claims offers claims evaluations using the application of Paintless Dent Repair, Conventional Paint and Body repair, combination repair and total loss evaluation assessments.
  • We provide PDR, Conventional & Combination repair appraisals
  • EAC’s expertise in the assessment and application of proper repair techniques minimizes claims turnaround while maintaining the highest standards of claim accuracy.
  • Our staff includes appraisers trained in hail, wind, flood and fire appraisals.
  • Expert Auto Claims services reduce cycle time of claims
  • Fully automated, near real time, accurate appraisal processing
  • Calculations for damage restoration based on state-of-the-art restoration technology
  • Hail adjustments based on PDR when appropriate
  • PDR estimates guaranteed at appraised value or EAC will coordinate vendors to restore damage in accordance with guaranteed amount